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Who we are

IBTIKR, since 2020, was officially declared the most profitable URL shortener in the world as it rewards its publishers with a staggering 80% from its advertising revenue.

A Publisher earns by placing the shortened links on their website / blog / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / etc. Each time a visitors clicks on a ibtikr.com link they will view a few second advertisement page before being able to click the Skip Ad button and continue to their intended destination.

Track your links and earn by Shortening your URLs with ibtikr.com. Shorten your links with our system, get detailed statistics on your traffic and earn money for each click you receive on your shortened links.

Why Choose Us


Track: Track individual link analytics, measure their performance and optimize every touchpoint with our system. All in real-time.

Brand: Consistency is what makes a good brand great. Create custom links that carry your branding across every device and channel.

Earn: Monetize your links. We offer the highest CPM around the world, thanks to our partnership with bigger companies.

Comfortable Way to Earn Money

Signup for an account in just one minute, shorten your URLs with our URL shortener system, share them everywhere and get paid by the amount of views obtained. We are proud to have the highest rates. Multiple views from same viewer are also counted.

Services We Provide

No doubt, ibtikr.com is the best URL Shortener service you must include to your daily business.

Real-Time Analytics

Free yourself from spreadsheets and silos by building an intuitive dashboard for the links you already use. ibtikr is an url shortener system that tracks your customer's experience on every link and every channel, making it easier than ever to drill down into campaigns or channels from a macro and micro level.

Know your audience. Analyse in detail what brings you the most income and what strategies you should adopt.

Pay Per Click

Start creating shrinked links with our url shortener system and we will turn your links into earning ones by adding an intermediate page with advertisements. Grab your shrinked links and share them on the internet. Each visitor that is redirected to the destination page will bring you money!

Earn money the smart way by getting paid for every person that views your links.

Powering Tools

Our url shortener system provides several tools to help you shorten your links in an easier way. Tools like Easy Link or Multishrink will allow you to shorten multiple links at the same time with just one click. Planning on bringing traffic from your website? Implement our small scripts to monetize your traffic.

Ticket System

If you have an account, in your Dashboard you'll find the Ticket System section. You can create tickets for any questions or problems. We work 7x24 to help our users. 

Contact us at any time about anything. We make customer service a priority, you will get response within 12 hours.

Referral Program

Spread the word about ibtikr.com and earn 20% of your referrals’ revenue. If you have a website, our url shortener system provides banners to obtain subscribers.

Get payments every month with only your subscribers, you can earn money without shortening any links.

Our Vision

At ibtikr.com, we believe that any individual can make money with their links, regardless of their traffic size. We focus on making that possible by helping our users with the best analytical tools for their links, offering high cpm in each country without invasive advertising.

How and where you can place your links to earn money?

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